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How to Get Groceries

Our Walk-In Grocery Program provides groceries once a week for anyone who lives or works in or around Pike Place Market. 


You may choose one time per week during the following hours

Tuesday: 12 noon - 3pm
Wednesday: 3pm - 7pm
Thursday: 12 noon - 3pm


Please arrive only during open hours -- no waiting is allowed in the parking area near the food bank before we open. Click here for more information about food bank rules.

Express Bag Time - Tuesdays

Tuesday mornings (11am - 12pm) are currently for pre-packed “Express Bags” only. These standard bags are great for people who only need the staples and want a streamlined pickup experience. If you come on Tuesday morning, you will receive an Express Bag with the following items (as available):

  • Apples and/or oranges

  • Rice or pasta

  • Milk (shelf-stable) or juice

  • Frozen meat (the same as what will be offered later)

  • Eggs (½ dozen)

  • 2-3 fresh produce items

  • Bread

Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon, and all day Thursday, you will be able to see all of the available options and select the groceries you want. We restock frequently, so you do not need to worry that we will run out of good food options if you come in the afternoon or later in the week. 


Regular Grocery Service

Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon, and all day Thursday, staff and volunteers will pack the groceries you select into bags for you. You may bring your own bags or we offer paper grocery bags with handles.

Some items have quantity limitations, including meat, milk/juice, and eggs. These limits do not depend on household size and are the same for everyone who comes to the food bank. If you have a larger household, we will do our best to accommodate your need for more food by giving you extra of the items we have enough of (often apples, potatoes, canned foods, and bread). 

All walk-in grocery customers must fill out a registration form once a year and provide a name for check-in. This does not need to be your legal name. ID makes check-in quick and easy but it is not required. We will not ask for your citizenship or documentation status.

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