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Lunch Bags

No-Cook Bags

Our No-Cook Bag service is designed for people who do not have reliable access to facilities for food preparation or storage. A No-Cook Bag contains nutritious ready-to-eat snacks and can be paired with a deli item, fruit, and/or pastries, as available.

When and Where

No-cook bags are available Monday through Thursday from 10am to 3pm, and Fridays from 9am to noon.


If you only want a no-cook bag and a sandwich/pastries, you do not need to check in or wait in line. We do not ask for any information about you. You may ring the doorbell or, during Grocery hours, come up to the side of the distribution area, and the next available staff person will get you a bag.

If you would also like to utilize once-a-week Walk-In Grocery service, you may check in during Grocery hours and request a No-Cook Bag to be included with your grocery selections.

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