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Girl at the Grocery Shop

Current Donation Requests

The specific items listed here (and updated frequently!) make the biggest impact for our community. These are the things we know we need to fill out grocery bags for our visitors.

Our Need Now List

If you are an individual, group, or organization collecting items to donate, please start with our How to Host a Food Drive guide. 

  • Chunky canned soups (no cream of mushroom/chicken, etc. please)

  • Canned beans

  • Canned fruit

  • Protein/granola bars

We are unable to accept donations of the following

  • Packaged food that has been opened (internal seal is broken)

  • Severely dented cans or cans whose top or bottom is bulging

  • Medications or supplements

  • Food that is significantly past its printed date (please contact us for guidelines)

  • Unlabeled food (must contain ingredients, manufacturer, and date)

Donation Limitations

If you are a business or individual with goods to donate, please read our donation limitations and email with the following information.

  • Is the donation from a business or individual?

  • Are the goods unopened? We cannot accept unsealed food items or severely dented cans.

  • Do the items require refrigeration or are they shelf stable?

  • What quantity (approximate is OK) do you have to donate?

  • When would you like to drop off your donation? Our pickup capacity is limited to large-scale donations that match our current needs. Please contact us for more information.


(206) 626-6462

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