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Girl at the Grocery Shop

Using the Food Bank

Everyone can help us keep the food bank running smoothly by following a few guidelines.

At Pike Market Food Bank

Please do not come early -- even by a few minutes

We open for regular grocery service on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm and Wednesdays at 3pm, on the dot. Tuesday Express Service opens at 11am. Anyone who arrives early will be asked to leave and return during open hours. Lines formed elsewhere are not allowed and do not reserve spots in line at the food bank. These rules help us keep your visit to the food bank quick and convenient by minimizing lines and wait times.


Be considerate of personal space

If there are other people accessing the food bank when you come, please allow six feet of space between yourself and those around you. This includes while you are in line and while you select your groceries, as well as in the elevators and surrounding areas. Close quarters can be upsetting for some people and we have plenty of room to spread out, so please do not crowd, bump, or push others. To avoid accidents, please do not run in the parking area, and park bikes away from the food bank line.

Keep yourself and others safe

If any issues arise when you are visiting the food bank, please let staff know immediately. We can help meet many needs or resolve conflicts before they become bigger problems. Fighting, abusive language, racial generalizations, and aggression of any kind are not allowed and may result in suspension from the food bank.


(206) 626-6462

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